Hi! I am Moril Gnoyke and I work as a freelance motion designer and art director for moving images on all screens and devices. I love to do creative conception, too. Aside from my background in advertising I work on contemporary projects around design, film, branding, music and fashion! I love dogs, bikes, basketball and melon ice cream. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany. :)

I enjoy animating, r&d, creating styleframes, playing with layout and typography as well as digging into new tools, topics and forms of storytelling that come with every project. Mentoring in both directions is great, I think. Since learning, collaborating and bringing a collective vision to life, elevates the project itself and the fun. <3

With a BA in visual communication and as a Filmakademie BW graduate I mostly work for design and branding studios, agencies as well as film and post production companies.

So far I've collaborated with: Scholz & Friends, Omstudios Berlin, Heimat Berlin, Jangled Nerves, LeBerg, Karl Anders, Noys VR, Dog Ear Films and FX Factory.


For clients like:  Red Bull, Coca Cola, Fifa, McDonalds, Lufthansa, FAZ, Hyundai, Zalando, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Groupon, Saturn, Axel Springer, STIHL etc.


Software I use: PS, IL, ID, AU, PR, AE, C4D, Octane, a bit of Marvelous Designer and EBSynth as well as Cables.