Hi! I am Moril Gnoyke and I work as a freelance art director for moving images. I love to do creative conception and motion design for all screens and devices. Currently I am living in Hamburg, Germany. Aside from my background in advertising I work on contemporary projects around design, film, branding, music and fashion! :)

I enjoy animating, doing research and development, creating styleframes, playing with layout and typography as well as digging into new tools, topics and forms of storytelling that come with every project. Mentoring in both directions is great, I think. Since learning, collaborating and bringing a collective vision to life, elevates the project itself and the fun. <3

With a BA in visual communication and as a Filmakademie BW graduate I mostly work for design and branding studios, agencies as well as film and post production companies.

So far I've collaborated with: Scholz & Friends, Omstudios Berlin, Heimat Berlin, Jangled Nerves, LeBerg, Karl Anders, Noys VR, Dog Ear Films and FX Factory.


For clients like:  Red Bull, Coca Cola, Fifa, McDonalds, Lufthansa, FAZ, Hyundai, Zalando, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Groupon, Saturn, Axel Springer, STIHL etc.


Software I use: PS, IL, ID, AU, PR, AE, C4D, Octane, a bit of Marvelous Designer and EBSynth as well as Cables.